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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

Cubetto Crafts | Create a Camp Site for Cubetto

Make a camp site and miniature fire for Cubetto under the night sky. Once the base is set, you can begin your wild adventure.


Mask Template

– Brown paper

Orange and yellow tissue paper


5 wooden chopsticks

Extra piece of fabric

Tape measure


Twine or string



Step 1

To make the campfire, roll small squares of brown paper into narrow tubes. Fix with tape. These are your sticks. Tear up coloured tissue paper for the fire and attach with tape the pile of ‘sticks’.

Step 2

To make the tent, take two chopsticks and lay in a V shape. Connect the chopsticks 1cm down from their tips. Fix with twine and a drop of glue.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2. Let the glue dry until the connection is sturdy.


Step 4

Stand up your chopstick Vs opposite each other, with the small V at the top (see photo for guidance). Lay another chopstick across the points of the two small Vs. Attach with twine and glue. This is your frame.

Step 5

Measure and cut your fabric to drape over the frame. Fix with tape. Now it’s time for adventure!

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