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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

Bank Holiday Building! 10 ideas to get creative with the kids this weekend.

As we reach the final weeks of summer, it can be tough finding fresh ideas to keep the kids occupied.

Whether it rains or shines, it’s no fun being stuck in front of a screen for three days straight.

Check out our list of 10 alternative activities to inspire your children to get building this bank holiday weekend, whatever the weather.

1. Crazy cress heads

Have a go at making some egg-celent eggheads! First wash out a few empty egg shells, then draw on some silly faces using felt-tips and goggly eyes. Put cotton wool inside the shells, dampen them with water, and cover them with cress seeds. A couple of days in the sun is enough time to sprout a full head of cress hair!


2. Marble run

Using cardboard tubes, shoeboxes, empty containers, and anything else you can find, create your own marble run. Make it as long and loopy as you like, and watch as the marbles race down your crazy course!

3. Butter box boats

With an empty tub of butter, make your own boats! Using just a straw and some paper you can build the sail, then decide who you want as your shipmates! When it’s ready, run a bath or head to a nearby pond, and see if your ship floats or sinks!

4. Homemade playdough

Everybody loves playdough, but before you head out to the shop, try making some yourself. It’s really easy – you only need some flour, water, oil, salt, and a splash of food colouring, and you’re ready to play!


5. Penny waterfall

First collect together as many coins as you can from around the house. Then fill an empty jar nearly to the top with water, place it about half a metre away, and take it in turns to throw coins into the water. Whoever is first to make the water splash over the edge of the jar loses!

6. Instruments

Build a guitar with just a tissue box and a few elastic bands, or make a maraca with some rice and a plastic bottle. Pretty much everything can be turned into an instrument, so get creative with pots, pans, tins, cans, and anything else you have lying around. Then have fun rocking out with your brand new instruments!

7. Oobleck

It’s not solid, it’s not liquid, it’s… Oobleck! To
make this slimey stuff yourself, fill a bowl with water and gradually
add cornflour. Keep stirring until it’s gooey and gloopy, then slowly
add food colouring. Now you’re ready to play!


8. Plant pot painting

Give your garden a makeover this bank holiday by decorating some of your boring brown plant pots. Paint them with bright colours and patterns to make sure your garden stays sunny all year round!

9. Shoebox scenes

Using a couple of old shoeboxes, some card, playdough, and anything else you can get your hands on, try making your own scene inside a shoebox. Maybe you’ll recreate your own bedroom, or build your own zoo, or even invent your own world – let your imagination run wild!

10. Fizzy fun

Put your lab coats on for this exciting science experiment! All you need to do is to get mum or dad to help you add food colouring to some vinegar, and mix it with baking soda. Then watch as your concoction comes to life and erupts like a volcano!

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