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Filippo Yacob

Filippo Yacob

Bring Coding to Life with Free Lesson Plans!

Our Education Team at Primo Toys is dedicated to giving everyone the best possible experience with Cubetto. We interact with our learning community on a daily basis and love meeting you all at educational conferences and events around the world.

We also help teachers plan for authentic experiences using Cubetto. This is why we are so excited to let everyone know that our Primo Education Lesson Plans are now live.

Purposeful planning gives breadth to a learning tool. Currently, there are 120 lessons for ages 4-6 that are divided into 15 thematic units (8 lessons per unit). Our Lesson Plans are cross-curricular in nature, aiming to give coding and programming life within a classroom setting. We know that computational thinking can initially seem daunting to many, so we’ve made lessons that are easy to understand. They include computational thinking approaches and concepts designed for everyone.

Written by teachers for teachers, our lessons incorporate 21st-century thinking skills focusing on communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking across subjects including mathematics, languages, geography and computing, as well as specific lesson focusing on socio-emotional aspects of learning such as empathy.

Importantly, these lesson plans, and Cubetto itself, are not designed to be prescriptive. Enhancement and innovation are equally important in planning. Feel free to use the lesson plans as a template for exciting learning quests. Maybe you’re going to use Cubetto as a crane with straws, or go on a treasure hunt that needs maps, orienteering and a creative story.  

Equally, if you’re new to exploring Cubetto and the tangible coding experience, you can follow each Unit and Lesson Plan as they are written. Children will enjoy the adventures and develop some pretty special skills. So many things are possible when you think outside the cube!

At Primo Toys we believe that teaching coding and computational thinking are essential to future-proof our children. We also believe in planning learning experiences that have meaning. Visit the Primo Education page to see samples of our exciting lesson plans. Join our learning community and see how Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot, is shaping the world of tomorrow.

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