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Giorgia Migliaresi

Giorgia Migliaresi

Code, Colour, Create: Meet Cubetto Code & Colour

Meet Cubetto Code & Colour, the most creative Cubetto add-on yet. We’ve equipped Cubetto and his classic coding blocks with the power to colour the world around him, and it’s going to change the way your children think and express themselves forever. We’re thrilled to deliver to you and your kids a new method to do something they already love, in a way they never knew possible. It’s a new frontier in creative arts for kids.

It begins with Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot we all know and love, his control board, and his blocks. It continues with a set of machine-washable felt tips Made in Italy by Carioca, and a chunky colouring strap that vests Cubetto with new creative powers. Follow the storybooks to discover a world of colour. Use the Cubetto graphics manual to create computer art, and explore our new colouring map for an adventure that is only limited by your imagination.

A set of blocks and colours becomes a “recipe.” A graphic you can always reproduce whenever you follow the steps. We call these “Cubetto graphics,” paying homage to the Logo Turtle graphics of yesteryear. At the end of it all, your children will have acquired the skills to create basic computer-generated graphics, along with the ability to create a new kind of tangible craft, to fan in front of your eyes with pride: “Look what I did today!” 



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