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Giorgia Migliaresi

Giorgia Migliaresi

Cubetto wins gold at Cannes Lions 2016


A shiny golden lion may not mean a lot to some, but this is actually huge news for us at Primo Toys. A Gold Lion in the “product design – infant toys + Education” category is a big deal! It takes a lot to stand out from a crowd of amazing companies innovating in early learning. 540 amazing companies and designers applied for an award in our category, so we were surprised and excited to find out Cannes Lion judges thought so much of us.

We believe this award confirms what our community and customers have been telling us for the last 3 years. Cubetto helps our customers introduce computational thinking more effectively and inclusively to small children in their homes and classrooms. It also tells us our customers have peace of mind, knowing that time spent playing with Cubetto is both fun and educational.

It also reinforces what we’ve long known – that coding in early learning is a new, key, 21st century literacy that should not be considered as anything else other than, and that coding and early learning is a space where products are too often designed “tech-first” using whatever technology is easiest and best for the bottom-line. There are very few companies and products out there are genuinely designed to be “child-first”, leading to even fewer innovations. Because we’re taking such a unique approach to tangible programming, it’s gratifying that after evaluating the space Cannes Lions highlighted us.

Moments like these are a cause for reflection. It’s amazing how far we’ve come from a small open source project in 2012, to an ed-tech company making an impact in over 90 countries around the world. And there’s so much more we can accomplish!

Our ultimate goal is to create a new standard in early learning and programming around the world, but we won’t stop there! We see so many areas of early learning that can hugely be improved by our unique approach. We’re a small team on a big mission. Here to become THE educational toy company of the 21st century, one epic toy at a time.

There’s so much more to do. But I’m incredibly excited to be where we are today. A huge thanks to Cannes Lions, the whole Primo Toys crew, and our amazing community to whom we owe so much for this incredible journey we’re on.

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