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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

Family Games | Play Cards Story Mode

For an introduction to the Play Cards and for more activities see Free Play Mode and Memory Game Mode.

Engage your little one’s inner creative with a storytelling Play Card adventure! Will they power out to space in an intergalactic kart or cruise along the ocean waves to unknown lands? Their imagination is the limit!

Skills involved: Language, interpersonal, creativity, storytelling

You will need:

  • Any number of Play Cards
  • Cubetto Playset
  • Primo Map
  • Markers and crayons (optional)
  • Plain paper (optional)
  • A dash of imagination!
  1. Pick a map (or several)!
  2. Pick any number of cards from your set and place them on the map(s), face up.
  3. Start Cubetto from the compass.
  4. Get ready! Embark on your path, using the blocks and board to code Cubetto, collect cards and build up your story. Use your wits to battle it out for the boldest and brightest items and characters!
  5. What story can you tell from Cubetto’s journey? Try building this as you code him on his path to each card!

Bonus: To add another dimension to your story, you can illustrate or write it down.

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