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Giorgia Migliaresi

Giorgia Migliaresi

Primo Toys x Open Desk: Designing Furniture for Play

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The more knowledge we’re willing to share, the more efficient and functional we become. Making is in our DNA at Primo Toys, so when the time came to design branded, functional furniture – for our offices, our shows, and our customers around the world – we instantly knew where to go: Opendesk.

Opendesk is a network of makers that operates on the principle of open-source fabrication – designers and makers interact to conceptualise products that can be made anywhere. The community of furniture designers and Primo Toys share a background in making, as well as a drive to create beautiful and functional objects.

The first in a series of pieces we created is a beautifully crafted wooden table and stool set. It is the perfect play piece for the classroom, the expo booth and the office. The set is easily assembled and taken apart for effective transportation, while interchangeable legs make the set suitable for grown-ups and littles alike.

Our signature, award-winning 1x1m world map grid is routed on the top, along with some of our favourite tile elements, giving life and personality to the system. Overall, a job very well done. There’s more coming, but the best part of it all is our ability to manufacture locally, and globally. We hope you like it!

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