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Stephanie Lundy-Bryan

Stephanie Lundy-Bryan

Orlando Bound: Cubetto at FETC 2018

Primo Toys’ friendly coding robot Cubetto is crossing the pond to join the world’s most creative educators at Orlando’s Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) for the first time.

Each year the FETC brings together the latest evidence-based research and tools to improve learner outcomes and prepare today’s students for success in tomorrow’s ever-changing world. Coding with Cubetto helps navigate the uncertainty around 21st-century skill sets by stripping coding back to basics.

Cubetto’s FETC Schedule

Cubetto will star in two practical, teacher-focused workshops at the FETC, led respectively by computer literacy teacher Susan Hosinger and passionate technologist Gayle Berthiaume. The fully screenless coding experience makes Cubetto the coding tool of choice in the Pre-K and 1 Grade classroom for Susan and Gayle.

These workshops will demonstrate how Cubetto works as both a programming tool and a medium for developing ‘softer’ 21st-century skills.  Susan and Gayle will explain how playtime with Cubetto’s adventure maps and storybooks develops communication, creativity and critical thinking; vital skills that not only help children progress towards early learning goals, but form the bedrock of the 21st-century skill set. As an educator currently using Cubetto in a classroom in Destin, Florida, Susan will also discuss the practical implications of using Cubetto in a whole class setting and how to align Cubetto learning to the US Common Core curriculum.

Outside of workshops, there’s a chance to get hands-on with Cubetto during the Tech Terra Education Megashare. Here you can discover how, with minimal classroom set-up, a wooden robot, interface board and coloured blocks can lead to the exploration of skills like abstraction, evaluation and debugging. Check out Primo Toys’ full schedule below and book your Cubetto playtime at the FETC now!


Jan 23-26 2018

Jan 24 8am

Tech Terra Megashare. Room: North 320AB

Jan 24 10:30am

Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Code with Early Learners, with Gayle Berthiaume.

Jan 25 8am

Powerful Playtime: Marbles, Trains and Robots Build Computational Thinking, with Susan Hosinger.

Jan 25 10:30 am

Coding for Little Kids, with Gayle Berthiaume.

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