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Giorgia Migliaresi

Giorgia Migliaresi

Primo Toys on Amazon Video

Primo Toys- Amazon Video

It’s our immense pleasure to finally announce the release of This Is What We Make, an Amazon Video-commissioned documentary featuring our little toy company, our products, and myself. Here’s a link to the documentary trailer.

Much of the work done at a startup happens in the shadows. Not every day is glamorous, and not every event is newsworthy, but being given the chance to let the Amazon Video crew into our humble London HQ is the opportunity of a lifetime, and was a truly great experience.

News of ‘making news’ from camp Primo Toys may be old, and superficial to some, but as a consumer-facing business our job doesn’t stop at building incredible products, listening to our customers and participating in building communities of like minded people. A big part of our mission is also to ensure we expose our tools and services to as many people as possible. We’re immensely grateful to the Amazon Video team and Malta Media for choosing to showcase us amongst thousands of applicants on such a public platform.

This Is What We Make champions the spirit of innovation with inspiring words from thought leaders Jon Ikeda (chief designer at car firm Acura), Gregg Zehr (responsible for the Kindle at Amazon Lab 126), and Gina Bianchini (founder of online community Mighty Networks). Woven in with this entrepreneurial acumen, the doc follows three business leaders – myself, John Alexiou (Subpac) and Jason Johnson (August Home) – as we share how our respective concepts evolved from idea to reality.

Of course we wouldn’t have a product, team, or business to share in the first place, had it not been for our incredible community of customers, investors, allies and supporters. We hope you all enjoy the show (you may need some magic to view the full documentary if you are outside of the US), and invite you all to share it with your networks and communities.

Primo Toys - Amazon Video - This IS What We Make

Primo Toys - Amazon Video - This IS What We Make

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