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Simon Cronshaw

Simon Cronshaw

Primo Toys x Remix Summit

Remix London

Simon Cronshaw and Peter Tullin are Co-Founders and Managing Partners of Remix Summits. Simon is based in London and Peter is in Melbourne, so between them they juggle  teams running the various summits around the world. The next Remix London takes place this January 18-19 at the Almeida Theatre and Museum of London. Here, Simon reveals why you should check out the festival and how Remix is changing the landscape of entrepreneurship.

What are Remix Summits?

Remix Summits are attended by thousands of creative leaders worldwide, in cities including London, Sydney, NYC and Dubai. They bring together pioneers from different industries to explore the future of culture, creative cities and the creative economy. They are a forum where creative leaders from different sectors can swap ideas, share strategies and forge new collaborations. Remix attracts a very diverse audience of creative leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, policy makers, brands and media. We believe this mix is the best ingredient for innovation and new collaborations.

The next Remix London takes place on 18-19 January, with keynotes from Glastonbury Festival creator Michael Eavis, TV historian Dan Snow, Tate Director Maria Balshaw CBE, Sir Tim Smit (creator of the Eden Project), Luke Johnson (former Chair, Channel 4), as well as talks from 50+ speakers including Sky Arts, Westfield, Google, Microsoft, Urban Nation Museum Berlin and Wikimedia.

Remix Summit

Why we set them up

There are fantastic conferences out there for individual sectors, including culture, tech and business. But there are very few places where these different worlds collide, swap notes and create new partnerships. The very best innovation comes from this mixing of backgrounds, insights and skills, so we wanted to create a place where you’d hear and meet some of the brightest brains from across lots of different industries.

The very best innovation comes from the mixing of backgrounds, insights and skills

For example, time and again we see technologists benefit from working with creatives to find new applications for their work, and to push the boundaries of what can be imagined or built. Technologists meanwhile can help creatives harness whole new distribution channels or deliver mind-blowing immersive experiences. These are some very simplistic examples, but the blurring of culture, tech and entrepreneurship is where the most incredible innovations are currently to be found.

Remix stretches you while at the same time encourages you that it is possible – that idea of being able to make something out of nothing by using world-class entrepreneurial strategies is very much at the core of Remix.

How does Primo Toys relate to Remix Summits?

For us, Primo Toys is living and breathing the intersection of culture, tech and entrepreneurship – a fantastic start-up with a really interesting entrepreneurial story, crafting a beautifully-designed product, driving the engagement of future generations with cutting-edge technology. Combine this with the sheer importance of promoting opportunities for STEM learning and teaching kids to code and thrive with technology, and it becomes an incredibly interesting mix of themes and insights for the Remix audience to hear, learn from and partner with on new collaborations.

Primo Toys CEO Filippo Yacob is speaking on January 19 as part of a session on creative education, along with Mark Miller (Circuit: National Lead, Tate), and David White (Head of Digital Learning, University of the Arts London).

What’s on the bill at Remix London

There is no shortage of ideas at a Remix Summit, or people to connect with to get those ideas on the roll. So if you are feeling stale, or itchy to break the mould and try something new, then two days in January could be your ticket to a reimagined future.

As well as the keynotes mentioned above, sessions include:

  • Creative Organisations Reimagined
  • User Experience Design across Digital and Physical
  • Maintaining the Heart of the City
  • VR & Mixed Reality
  • Managing Internal Innovation & Intrapreneurship
  • Diversity in the Creative Sectors
  • Creative Education
  • Latest Trends in Social Media

This year we’ve built in even more opportunities to meet other attendees and speakers, discuss current projects and concerns, and identify new opportunities to partner. This includes an hour of Power Networking on Day 1, and Follow the Speaker sessions, which are a unique opportunity to spend time getting into more detail with speakers in a more informal setting.

Tickets and the full schedule are available from – use promo code PRIMO to get an exclusive discount of £170. Primo Toys CEO Filippo Yacob is speaking on January 19 at 3pm.

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