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Filippo Yacob

Filippo Yacob

The Primo Story Part 4: The People Who Broke Us…

Primo Toys team in London HQ

This is Part 4 of a series. Read Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 of The Primo Toys Story. 

…But also those who didn’t!

In early 2014, my co-founder Matteo and I were riding high off our first Kickstarter campaign, basking in our blissful ignorance… until one day, a fiery redhead came knocking at our door. “Hey, you guys used my kid, Olivia, in your video… and well… I like what you’re up to. I can help! I know you’re broke, but you need me. We can work something out!” 

Valeria came back every week that month, until we accepted her offer, which we didn’t quite get at the time. She’s been our COO for the last 3 years. I guess she was right!

Primo Toys COO Valeria Leonardi

We never raised a ton of money, but the little we raised, from a few brave investors, helped us keep the dream alive long enough for it to become a reality. But what kept us moving forward is the loyalty our team shares for our mission, our company, and more importantly for one another.

We’ve had a few close shaves – which company hasn’t? But running our business like a little family gave us the courage to fight through any problem.

We’re now wrapping up our latest Kickstarter product launch. Lord knows how many fights, decisions, details and trials have gone into getting these new products off the ground. What matters is that we did it as a team. Each of us gave their all in their little field, and we hope you’ll find the result truly greater than the sum of their parts.

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