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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

Top 10 Blogs of the Year: Kids, Technology and 21st-Century Education

From inspirational women programmers to the history of educational toys, it’s been a enlightening year on the Primo Toys blog. This is where we cover all the latest thinking around early years education, coding for children and parenting in the digital age. Here’s what you’ve been reading most over the past 12 months – have a look to see what you might have missed, and let us know what you think. There’s more where this came from in 2018 so come back often!

1. 5 Brilliant Female Computer Programmers

Women in STEM: stats say only 18% of computer science grads are women. We mark the history of women in STEM from Ada Lovelace to model Lyndsey Scott.

Read 5 Brilliant Computer Programmers

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2. Why We Should Just Let Toys Be Toys

Toys aren’t fussy who plays with them. Why should we be? Gender-neutral learning toys can and should be accessible to both girls and boys.

Read Why We Should Just Let Toys Be Toys, Especially When They Help Children Learn.

3. A History of Educational Toys

When wooden toys meet today’s technology, wonderful things can happen. Here’s a brief history and how they’re now helping children learn to code.

Read From Wooden Blocks to Wooden Robots: A History of Educational Toys

4. How Young Kids Learn with Robots

We also explore why robots are excellent learning buddies for pre-schoolers and beyond, and we scope out three ways to help open up robotics to kids.

Read How Young Kids Learn with Robots

‘Hello Ruby’ by Linda Liukas

5. Parallel Lines: Coding and the Power of Storytelling

Discover how learning to writer computer code is a close relative of storytelling. Easy programming for kids is about inspiring them to create their own stories.

Read Parallel Lines: Coding and the Power of Storytelling

6. How Children Learn Resilience, An Early Years Superpower

‘I just want my child to be happy’ may not be the best strategy. Here are the benefits of focusing on developing resilience in your little ones.

Read How Children Learn Resilience, An Early Years Superpower.

7. 4 Famous Programmers Who Coded Their Way to the Top

Here we look at the digital visionaries behind Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and how they coded their businesses, and reputations, from the ground up.

Read 4 Famous Programmers Who Coded Their Way to the Top.

8. STEM Toys for Toddlers

Don’t really know what STEM toys are or what they do? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Read STEM Toys for Toddlers: How They Can Give Kids a Head Start.

9. How to Integrate Cubetto into Your Curriculum

As an educator, how can you merge Cubetto with your curriculum to reinforce what you are already teaching? It’s not as hard as you might think.

Read How to Integrate Cubetto into Your Curriculum.

10. An A-Z of Computer Programming

A whistle-stop introduction to coding, covering everything from Algorithms to Zeros and Ones. Browse our A-Z for fun facts on everything from spectacular MIT hacks (a building transformed into a giant Tetris game), to the unbelievable truth that the first computer bug was an actual insect. Read An A-Z of Computer Programming

Come back in 2018 for more edifying and entertaining posts on education, parenting and technology. Happy Holidays until then!

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